Physical Therapy

November 25, 2016
Many people have fears about aging; however, getting older can be enjoyable if you embrace your age. There is no way to avoid the ways that our bodies change as we get older but there are many ways to ensure that you stay limber and youthful as you get older. Thanks to the benefits that you can receive from differing therapies such as speech, occup [...]
Physical therapists play an important role in the recovery and wellness process. These healthcare professionals assess and treat individuals who have health concerns that involve back and neck pain, osteoporosis, developmental delays and disabilities, carpal tunnel syndrome, wounds, burns, and various other conditions that impact a person’s ability [...]
For elderly people recuperating from injuries or suffering with persistent pain, PT (physical therapy) helps to reduce discomfort and repair physical functionality like mobility, power, stability, and dexterity. PT for Senior Citizens PT includes stretches, walking, therapeutic massage, water therapy, and tens treatment, to name a few. The purpos [...]
October 28, 2016
The main goal for physical therapy is to support those who are suffering from a debilitating physical state, helping to bring them back to a more normal state of health after an injury. It is a crucial step for many patients who have suffered from cardiopulmonary or neurological issues as well as those who are suffering from more permanent disabili [...]
September 22, 2016
You know the saying about doctors and apples. But what if you're tired of conventional wisdom from healthcare professionals? What if you're looking for lesser-known knowledge? Here are just a few secrets that your physical therapist could tell you. 1. You can become stronger at 60 than you were at 16 There's a common misconception that all senior [...]
The Connection with the Military: The actual practice of physical therapy began in World War I as a way to treat wounded soldiers. At that time, the term “reconstruction aides” was synonymous with the medical professionals now called physical therapists. World War II brought different types of injuries to the American soldier’s musculoskeletal sys [...]
September 21, 2016
The right person will find that going through physical therapy is beneficial to everyday life. A therapist can guide a patient through techniques that help: restore movement, eliminate discomfort, increase physical activity at any age. Unfortunately, there are many myths that prevent individuals from considering physical therapy as a solut [...]
As a person ages, falls can occur on a more frequent basis. However, this isn't the case with everyone. Certain people will be more at risk for these falls than others. If you've started to experience this, you may want to consider seeing a physiotherapist. This therapist will be able to assist you in the prevention of falls, which can help keep y [...]
Understanding physical therapy requires looking beyond the surface of the profession. The following are facts that the average person may not realize about physical therapists and the treatment that they provide. 10. Physical Therapy Isn't Exclusive To One Setting Outpatient clinics are not the only place that a physical therapist can treat a pat [...]