September 22, 2016
Acupuncture has been used for thousands of years to heal various diseases and ailments, but only recently has scientific research backed some of these ancient Chinese claims. Here are 10 common health complaints that can be treated effectively by acupuncture. [...]
September 6, 2016
Very much like classic Chinese acupuncture therapy, medical acupuncture treatments are cutting-edge techniques that are established from anatomical and neurological principles, and effectively used to help relieve a variety of conditions. You can think of the human body as a home or building that's equipped with a wide variety of electric units, an [...]
September 2, 2016
A dear friend of mine recently suffered through a bout of shingles, and for months afterward, she suffered from debilitating headaches and eye pain. Skeptical of alternative medicine, she first tried everything Western medicine had to offer. Soon all of those avenues were exhausted. Desperate and still in a great deal of pain, she finally agreed to [...]
Acupuncture is a type of ancient Chinese traditional medicine that has existed for thousands of years. It involves the use of long, thin needles being inserted into various part of the body to stimulate energy in stagnant regions. It is based on the principle that when energy isn't moving properly, diseases and illnesses are more likely. Besides it [...]