Preoperative Clearance

What is Preoperative Clearance?

A preoperative clearance is a professional assessment, made by a doctor, of a patient’s health and medical status prior to a planned surgical procedure. The purpose of preoperative clearance is not to ‘clear’ a patient for surgery, as its name suggests, but rather to identify underlying (or even unknown) medical conditions that may enhance risk and lead to complications during or after a particular type of surgery. While all surgeries are associated with some risk, specific risks can be enhanced by the health conditions of certain patients with different types of surgeries. Thus, a preoperative clearance gives doctors essential information to optimize the post-surgical outcome for the patient.

How does Preoperative Clearance work?

Preoperative clearance begins with knowing the type of surgery the patient will receive and then assessing the patient’s health history and status. Prior to surgery, a patient will be asked to give full medical history and undergo an exam to assess the his/her suitability for a surgery. If necessary a patient may require bloodwork or other diagnostic tests, such as a cardiac stress test or a lung function test. These tests depend on the patient’s health status and the type of surgery to be done. In most cases the preoperative clearance will take a single appointment, unless further tests are needed.

What are the benefits of Preoperative Clearance?

Preoperative clearance has several important benefits. First, assessing a patient’s medical status will assist doctors in identifying underlying medical problems in patients that may enhance risks and complications for a type of surgery. With this knowledge, doctors can plan and take preventative steps to minimize these risks, as well as provide recommendations for care after surgery. Second, preoperative clearance also evaluates the suitability of a patient for a particular type of surgery, based on that patient’s health status and history. In other words, doctors need to know if a patient is ‘fit’ enough for surgery, as well as what steps to put into place to create the best possible outcome for the patient during and post-surgery. Some surgeries may not be appropriate for certain patients, and alternative therapies or procedures may available for patients whose health conditions put them at a higher risk for certain type of surgery. Finally, an assessment of a patient’s health status allows a doctor and patient to have a clear risk versus benefit conversation about the proposed surgical procedure. With more knowledge, patients can make more informed decisions about the procedures and options available to them.

Why choose Englinton Medical?

Our team of doctors (called internists) focus on preventing, diagnosing, managing and treating diseases, and they are well equipped to perform preoperative clearance. The prospect of surgery can be a cause of anxiety for many patients, but the caring staff at Englinton Medical, PC, is committed to easing your fears by providing you with a comprehensive preoperative clearance before your surgery. At our facility, we use the latest technologies and an integrated method for your preoperative clearance. An Englinton Medical highly skilled internist will conduct a thorough assessment to identify any unknown underlying medical issues, ensuring that you are in the best possible shape before prior to your surgery. We take pride that we place our patient’s interests and needs above everything. Our physicians and staff have over 15 years of medical and diagnostic experience and are dedicated to providing high quality assessments of your health. As a result, you will find that the Englinton Medical staff are completely committed to providing you the best care possible.