Physical Therapy

What is Physical Therapy?

Physical therapy deals with the treatment of pain that could have emanated from old injuries, old age, and from environmental hazards. Physiotherapists use physical means to help an injured person regain mobility and function in the parts of their body that could have been incapacitated by the said factors. Physical therapy has become a primary and preferred form of treatment for most people suffering from physical injury.

How does physical therapy work?

Physical therapy does not just look into the current situation. It goes deeper to examine the root of the pain especially if you are suffering from recurring bouts of pain. Your physiotherapist will administer treatment from the roots as they work their way to the issue at hand.

A typical first visit starts with an evaluation of your heath condition before the treatment begins. This will provide a guide to the physiotherapist.

Once this has been done, the physiotherapist will establish the cause of the pain. They will recommend exercises that target the stiff muscles to awaken them without causing further injury. Throughout the treatment, the expert may recommend some or all of these forms of workouts:

  • Low impact aerobics. They include swimming, riding a stationary bike, and walking. They may not seem much as compared to running, but they will give the heart a warm-up and get you going. They also get your body ready for more demanding workouts.
  • Strength Exercises. At this point, your body can accommodate more strain, having been warmed up by the low-impact aerobics. You can use your body weight for workouts such as air squats, pushups, and lunges. You can also challenge yourself by using dumbbells, resistance bands, and barbells. As your body becomes stronger, you can incorporate planks and crunches into your workouts.
  • Stretching. Few forms of exercises have the healing ability that stretching has on the muscles. Stretching warms the body up, prepares it for an activity, and helps the muscles recover from strength workouts.
  • Pain relief exercises. They target the source of your pain. The goal here is to make those areas more flexible and to improve mobility of the joints around them.

What conditions are commonly treated by physical therapy?

Experts of physical therapy clinic in Queens, NY treat pain that emanates from:

  • Orthopedic conditions, such as arthritis, neck pain, and low back pain
  • Musculoskeletal injuries
  • Neurological conditions including stroke
  • Injuries from auto accidents, such as spinal injuries

Professionals of physical therapy also offer invaluable advice on how best to avoid further damage while in treatment. They also ensure that every session is supervised.

What are the benefits and risks of physical therapy?

Physical therapy has numerous advantages.

  1. Avoid surgery-You can avoid surgery by choosing to manage your pain through physical therapy. Your body becomes stronger with every session.
  2. Eliminates pain-Soft tissue mobilization and electrical stimulation help reduce pain and even eliminate it altogether.
  3. Helps you regain function-The parts of your body that may have lost function are jolted back into action after some sessions of PT.

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