Pain Management

What is Pain Management?

Chronic pain management basically involves seeking professional help to help relieve your pain. Pain has a physical and psychical aspect. However, you should note that the extent to which pain affects you depends on your perception towards it. This fully explains why clinics offering pain management in Queens use different approaches. The most important step that ought to be taken is consulting your doctor early before the pain becomes malignant. This will pave way for early assessment, diagnosis and treatment. You need to seek the services of physicians who are specialized in treating the exact condition that you are suffering from. Your everyday physician is the most suitable person who can refer you to a pain management specialist.

How Does Pain Management Treatment Work?

Proper pain management involves a holistic approach, which will treat both the body and the mind. Experts point out that pain management is effective if it is approached from a physical and emotional angle. Although medication and other forms of physical therapy may be effective in the short run, it shouldn’t be used in isolation The initial appointment with you physician helps to establish the cause and extent of the pain. This enables the specialist to determine the most suitable pain management approach for you. During the first appointment, your medical history also has to be made known to the physician so that he or she finds an appropriate combination that will guarantee fast relief.

Treatments Available for Different Conditions

The intervention that will be used on you will greatly depend on the cause and extent of the pain. Medical facilities offering pain management use a number of approaches. Drug therapy is the most common approach used. Our clinic provides pain management in Queens, NY and our approach often involves the use of prescription and nonprescription drugs. There are also a number of topical pain relievers. These include sprays, lotions and creams, which are applied on painful body parts. These interventions are mostly used in the management of chronic muscle and joint pains. Bioelectric therapy is a pain management approach that gets rid of pain by obstructing the transmission of pain signals to the human brain. In addition, the therapy stimulates the body into producing endorphin. This chemical helps to eradicate painful sensations. Bioelectric therapy is effective in the management of both acute and chronic conditions including: low back pain, severe migraines, scleroderma, diabetic neuropathy, muscle pain, and arthritis.

Benefits and Risks Involved

Early chronic pain management can help you get back to your feet within a short time. A multidisciplinary approach is also effective because the physical and psychological condition of a patient is ascertained before the best approach is devised. In addition, there is instant relief from pain. There are however, a number of risks associated with chronic pain management. Some patients have complained of hormonal imbalances, drug dependency, and even misuse of the drugs.

Why Choose Englinton Medical?

Chronic pain is a highly incapacitating condition. Those who are affected often find it difficult to go on with their day to day activities. The condition may result from cancer treatments, fibroids, old injuries, and arthritis. You need to seek the services of specialists offering pain management in Queens NY, so that the best approach can be taken to control your pain. This medical facility has experts who are well versed in pain management, Queens, NY. These physicians are specialized in the areas of:

  • pain management,
  • physiotherapy,
  • internal medicine
  • and psychotherapy.

An all-inclusive approach is taken to ensure that you get back to your feet as soon as possible. Besides accepting insurance covers, our services are affordable and convenient. You should never overlook the importance of seeking help as soon as chronic pain becomes problematic.